Four Canvas Art

Hey again! I just wanted to share another painting if anyone is looking for inspiration! 

The best bit about painting abstract is that you can change up the colours how you want to and it will still look good. 

If anyone has trouble painting in branches,  I suggest you to pencil them in first! To paint the flowers, I used a normal paintbrush and basically stabbed the canvas with white paint randomly. The ends of a paintbrush can give the best natural look. 


Try it! 🙂

Extend the Life of a Gel Manicure

Hi! I’m eager to share a little tip for extending the life of your gel manicure. Gel manicures are expensive as it is, and when your nails grow out, you start to see a gap between the cuticles and the gel, but all you need to do is hide that! 

If none of the gel nail polish is chipped, then why not and save money? All you need to do is cut your nails (if you want to), and then fill in the gap with any colour you like. I did a pink glitter colour as it matches the pink gel nail polish, but even just filling the gap with a darker colour than the gel looks chic.


This quick and easy fix makes the regrowth look intentional – try it next time! xo 


Three Canvas Tree Branch Art

Hey guys! I recently painted this,and wanted to share how easy it is for anyone to do 🙂

All you need are three small canvases, paint, and paintbrushes.
I painted this after looking at Pinterest. I used the same colours for the background but you can always change that up.
As for the branches, to make it easier, always pencil that in first, then go over it in paint using a small tip paintbrush. 
At the end I decided to use glitter + mod podge for the “flowers” on the branches. 


I think that using more than one canvas is really cool especially if you want to paint something big but only have small canvases, so I hope this inspires more people to do that! XO

How to clean a Beauty Blender using bar soap

I recently bought a Beauty Blender without buying their solid cleanser because the Beauty Blender is expensive as it is! However I cleaned my sponge using warm water and a hotel bar soap that I had, and it worked just as well! Beauty Blenders can last for months if they are cared for properly. But just like any other make up tools and brushes they must be cleaned. Here are my easy steps:

  1. Dampen the sponge in warm water under the sink
  2. Swirl and compress the sponge into the soap
  3. Squeeze and massage out the make up residue, working the water through it
  4. Rinse until the water runs clear
  5. Leave to dry and it’s that simple!

I hope you found this post useful! It took me roughly 5 minutes and I didn’t have to spend $$$ on a cleanser! Below are my results (before and after) xo

Before pictures:

After pictures:

5 Easy Ways to Save Money/Get Coupon Codes!

Being a student and trying to save money is hard! Trust me! But I have found a few ways to save money and I’d like to share! You don’t need to give up social events or shopping if you want to live on a budget. These tips will help you save for when you do need to make purchases:

1. Sign up for free on E-BATES

Search for any online store and see if they have discounts available
You get cash back after purchases (so they pay you for shopping!)

Right now they have an 8% cash back off at etc. That means if you buy your makeup online at Sephora through Ebates, you will get an 8% cash back from your order! Say if a makeup product was $100 on Sephora, you would get $8 from E-bates! It adds up! So don’t buy in store.

2. Get Uber and Lyft apps on your phone and get your first ride for free!

  • Lyft $50 promo code: SHREE770673
  • Uber $10 promo code: shreep298ue

3. Sell your stuff on Poshmark!
– Sell what you aren’t wearing or using anymore. You can sell your clothes on your phone on Poshmark, or even trade some clothes with other sellers.

4. Coupon codes on
– Besides online savings, you can save money shopping in stores by looking through this website first to see if they have any coupon codes to enter during checkout! It’s free and you don’t need to sign up!

5.  Access student discounts!
– If you are a student, take advantage of your ID. It grants you discounts on items such as movie tickets and computers. The discounts are especially advantageous when it comes to traveling. Amtrak and Greyhound both offer discounts for students. Even offers student discounts. Check the website for student advantage!

I hope this helped a bit! Every little helps and it does add up!



NuMe Magic Wand 25mm

Hey girls! I wanted to write a review for the NuMe magic wand in the size 25mm. I recently bought it and I love it! It is originally for around $90, but I used a coupon from this link and bought it for only $30! 

Why I love it: 

Longevity – My hair is naturally dry, coarse and thick, and I see that the wand usually holds my curls for about 3 days! And that’s without hairspray. I also noticed that after curling, my hair looks and feels a lot smoother than any other curler I have used before. I then looked that up to see if anyone else noticed that and saw online that NuMe’s magic wands are tourmaline-infused ceramic which seems to decrease damage while styling.

Temperature – The next great thing about this wand is that I can 100% control the temperature range depending on the type of style I want. The temperature ranges from 140F to 450F so it can be customised to my specific needs, but I always keep it to 450F just because my hair is so thick.

Speed – Having thick hair does make curling my hair a long boring task most of the time, but I’ve tried using larger sections with this wand and I can easily curled my hair in 15 minutes. What I do is wrap an inch or so around the wand for 10 seconds and I get the most evenly looking curl. After that, I comb the curls out with my fingers to make it look more natural.

Why I don’t like it:

The wand’s maximum temperature is extremely hot, so it would make sense to use the heat-resistant glove that is included. However, I don’t use the glove just because I feel like I can’t control the hair in my hand whilst wearing it. So, since I don’t use the glove, I have accidentally burned fingers at least a few times!
Other than that, there isn’t anything else that’s bad about this wand! I would give it a 5/5!